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Cancer mysterious and severe disease, has also become a leading cause of death worldwide. It accounted for around one crore deaths in 2020. Medical sciences worldwide are still trying to figure out the permanent cure and exact cause of the disease. From an Ayurvedic perspective, the management and prevention of the disease are highly effective. Ayurveda takes an integrated approach to treat cancer patients and minimize the spread and growth of cancer cells. To know how, please read this blog.

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4. Ayurveda and Cancer

In simple terms, cancer is described as the multiplication of the cells abnormally. During the normal cell multiplication process, the cells stop growing when they infringe on nearby tissues. This is not the case with cancerous cells. They start to grow abnormally and grow in large numbers creating a tumor. When these cells move to other parts of the body, they cause a secondary tumor known as a malignant tumor or reach the metastasis stage, where cancer cells enter the bloodstream.

In ancient Ayurvedic texts, various terms have been mentioned defining cancer, e.g., granthi (benign tumor), referring to the initial stage of cancer, if not treated properly, can turn into arbuda (malignant tumor) and adhyarbuda (recurrence of the disease). Specifically, there is also the term 'karkatarbuda', which means a tumor that grows like a scorpion in different directions.

In the Ayurvedic perspective, the doctors always try to identify which dosha is out of balance, causing an imbalance or disease in the body. Cancer is considered a tridoshic disease that means all three doshas -Vata, Pitta, and Kapha are involved in this disease. Besides, rasa dhatu and rakta dhatu are primarily involved in carrying the infected cells, which are involved in causing cancer from one place in the body to another.

5. a) Factors that lead to cancer as per Ayurveda

Modern science has found out different causes for cancer -faulty DNA and genes are responsible for the abnormal growth of cells. But why the DNA behaves abnormally is still a mystery to be solved or identified. According to Ayurveda, a person with insufficient Prana (life energy), Ojas (immunity), and Tejas are more susceptible to cancer. Toxins or chemical deposition in

Author: e-mail: [email protected] the body causes imbalance and disease in the body. Toxins formation and deposit lead to cancer, not only at the physical level but also at the mental level.

6. b) Ayurvedic treatment for cancer

If cancer is not detected in the early stage, it becomes very difficult to treat it. It has been observed that when people come to know about cancer, it is already at an advanced stage. However, with an integrated approach, it is possible to treat cancer or minimize the spread and growth of cancerous cells.

The Ayurvedic approach towards cancer is twofolda) Shodhana-Through this treatment process, the Ayurvedic doctor focuses on strotas shuddhicleansing of the body channels through various techniques and medicines b) Ojas building-The focus remains on increasing the Ojas, which is enhancing the immunity of the person affected by cancer In Ayurvedic treatment for cancer, shodhana cleans toxins (ama) and all those factors responsible for blocking the strotas (channel). At the same time, Ojas building helps enhance the immunity levels both at the physical and mental levels of the person. Through this treatment approach, Ayurveda works effectively on limiting the growth of cancer cells.

Along with Ayurveda, other treatment methods including modern medicines, naturopathy and cleansing (detoxification) methods, meditation, breathing exercises (pranayama), and yoga are used to suppress or alleviate the symptoms. This integrative treatment approach is taken to stop/ suppress the growth of cancer cells in the body and increase immunity so that the person responds well to the medication and treatment. With increased immunity power, the patient's body can overtake the growing cancerous cells. Otherwise, the cancerous cells can further decrease the immunity levels of the patient.

Ayurvedic treatment for cancer can also be taken by the patients who underwent radiation therapy/chemotherapy to deal with its side effects like tiredness, sore mouth, loss of appetite, feeling and being sick, anemia, sleep issues, emotional problems. Interestingly, Ayurveda has a separate branch of rejuvenation (Rasayana) that helps increase the Ojas of the patient. Ayurvedic medicine for cancer also helps improve the overall quality of life, healthy lifestyle practices, panchakarma therapies, and psychological counseling sessions.

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Once diagnosed with cancer, getting a permanent cure is difficult, painful, time-consuming, and expensive. Therefore, we can shift our focus on preventing ourselves from getting exposed to this deadly disease as much as possible by practicing the Ayurvedic lifestyle -following dincharya-ke-niyam as per Ayurveda for healthy and balanced living. It will not only help keep our body healthy but also relaxes our mind. You can consult Jiva Ayurveda specialists to know more about Ayurveda for cancer, its prevention plan, and treatment. They will provide you with a detailed guideline that is personalized for you as per your Prakriti. c) Few simple tips that can be followed for healthy living-

? Switch on to an alkaline diet. Acidic foods trigger the growth of cancerous cells. ? Detox and nourish your mind and body with panchakarma therapies. ? Focus on increasing your immunity (Ojas) levels.

? Don't suppress the natural urges like urine, burp, flatus, feces, sneeze, and yawn. ? Reduce mental stress by practicing breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation.


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