Guidelines for Journals Publishers

The following guidelines are suggested for publishers who are our members and who support OARS membership for journal editors.

They are supposed to

  • Strictly obey OARS guidelines and also insist his counterpart [i.e. fellow editor] follow the same.
  • Make the associated editors and journal aware regarding rights and responsibilities being a member of OARS
  • Offer justified concrete backing to editors to enable them to obey OARS guidelines

Publishers should

  • Make an agreement reflecting correlation among publisher, editor and other associates.
  • Maintain secrecy / confidentiality for all the concerned associates
  • Safeguard intellectual property and copyright
  • Nurture editorial freedom

Organize time to time meetings with editor to

  • Design suitable journal policies with a view to ensure
  • Ensure editorial liberty
  • Research moral which should include privacy, approval and criteria’s [prerequisites] for human and animal research
  • Unambiguousness [ i.e. crystal clear] reliability w.r.t. conflicts of interest [i.e. disputes], reporting standards, research funding
  • Role clarity of all the concerned people viz. Peer Reviewer, editorial team
    Pleas and grievances
  • Publicize journal guidelines to all concerned i.e. among authors, readers, peer reviewers
  • Appraise and evaluate journal guidelines time to time w.r.t. new approvals from the OARS
  • Ensuring and sustaining reliability of the academic record
  • Extend whole hearted co-operation to all concerned external authorities viz. institutions, fund contributors, governing bodies who undertakes responsibility of enquiry of doubtful research and publication of an article alleged for misconduct. They should try their best to expedite the conclusions of disputed cases.
  • Release corrigendum, erratum, explanations and retractions.
  • Publish articles punctually without any unnecessary delay.

Organize Conference

We organize seminars /symposium /conferences/workshop/webinar worldwide on innovative topics and fields of Computer Science and research. We also collaborate, partner or sponsor with a view to provide our professional guidance and expertise to conduct in standard way.

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Research Membership

Global Journals Inc., as described in our Corporate Statement, is an educational, research, research publishing, and professional membership organization. Elevation to the ranks of Fellow of the Association of the Research Society in Computer and Member of the Association of the Research Society in Computer is open.

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