For the Board of Directors

  • The management for journals (which plays a vital role as technical texts among the well-educated people) should be comprised of highly qualified experts with an excellent ethical background.
  • The association of editors of well-educated people’s journal with relevant group is always complicated.
  • The directors of well-educated people’s journal irrespective of political/economic actualities, should support their editors in taking right decisions regarding the articles to be published should be based on quality and precision [faithfulness] instead of achieving worldly gain.
  • All the concerned people including Directors should strictly adhere to these footprints. The relation between journal editors of well-educated people with society should be based on editorial liberty.
  • Board of Directors should also have members from outside world to have more editorial liberty.
  • All the concerned members identify all the anticipated disputes [which may be regarding stocks, patents, consultancies, publishing editor of a competitor journal, employment by competitor publisher, personal, political, intellectual, or religious interests and board of directors should have a duly approved manual which reflect ideal ways to sort out all the probable disputes with acceptable solutions
  • All the members of board of directors are expected to make foolproof system for maintaining utmost secrecy and ensure nothing about the journal is disclosed to outsiders.