The Effect of Primary Care Physicians on Smoking Habits


  • Roaa R Amer

  • Roaa R Amer

  • Adel F Yasky


family medicine, primary care physicians, smoking, smoking cessation, smoking habits, tobacco, saudi arabia


Primary care physicians (PCPs) are the first line of healthcare for patients and their knowledge of smoking cessations services and guidelines can affect the prevalence of smoking dramatically.We aimed to analyse the routine of PCPs in regards to patient smoking habits and to evaluate their knowledge of smoking cessation clinics and services.We conducted a cross-sectional descriptive study at the King Abdulaziz Medical City in Riyadh, using a validated questionnaire developed by the National Cancer Institute, USA, and customized to our medical settings.38% of family physicians, and 21% of internal medicine physicians, are aware of, and have referred patients to, any smoking cessation services. 47% of family physicians and 26% of internal medicine physicians asked almost all of their patients about smoking habits. It is fundamental for PCPs to build a strong rapport with their patients in order to inspire change in patient perceptions about quitting smoking while updating the physicians about services available for their patients to benefit from.

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The Effect of Primary Care Physicians on Smoking Habits