Waldenstromas Macroglobulinema Presenting as Syncope


  • Ramy Sedhom



Syncope is a common complaint usually secondary to neurologic, cardiovascular, or orthostatic causes. However, rare etiologies are possible, implicating a great importance to history, physical examination, and interpretation of laboratory results and diagnostic workup. Waldenstrom#x2019;s Macroglobulinema (WM) is a B-cell Lymphoma, hallmarked by an overproduction of IgM. Neurologic manifestations of WM include visual or auditory disturbances, headache, confusion, dizziness, vertigo, stroke and rarely, syncope. Neurologic presentations are a result of hyperviscosity or direct infiltration of malignant cells into the CNS. We present a case of Waldenstrom#x2019;s Macroglublinema associated syncope.

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Waldenstromas Macroglobulinema Presenting as Syncope