Purpose: The use of HADS-score is worldwide accepted as a screening tool to identify cancer patients with additional need for psychooncological support. Elevated values for anxiety respectively depression are correlating with higher complaints like e.g. postoperative pain. We tried to investigate patients situation at least one year following surgery for breast cancer. Methods: In April 2016, 91 patients with breast cancer, operated before April 2015, were asked to participate at a survey regarding different parameters of their quality of life. The questionnaire included the feeling of attractiveness, satisfaction with postoperative pain and scar formation as well as the overall satisfaction using a visual analogue scale (VAS; 0 10). These results were correlated with the preoperatively applied HADS-scores. For statistical analysis SPSS was used (Students paired t test). Results: 69 women (75,8 %) responded the questionnaire. Of these 8 (11,6 %) respectively 15 (21,7 %) has had an elevated score for depression respectively anxiety and 9 women (13 %) had refused to fill out the HADS-form at the time of surgery. There was no significant difference regarding age, tumor stage, type of surgery and postoperative systemic therapy in the different groups. The statistical analysis showed that there was significantly more satisfaction with the postoperative pain level in patients with HADS-D > 7 vs. HADS-D < 7 (9,5 vs. 7,6; p<0,05). In contrast, patients who refused the HADS-screening showed less satisfaction with the postoperative pain level (6,4 vs. 7,9 with HADS-screening; p<0,05). In these patients, the reduction of post- versus preoperative attractiveness was significantly higher, too (- 2,0 vs. 0,1 with HADS-screening; p<0,05). Conclusion: One year following surgery for breast cancer, patients with preoperative elevated HADS-score (anxiety and depression) showed even better results in respect to satisfaction with postoperative pain, which could be a result of the

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MATTHIAS, FUNKEL VANESSA, HECK ESTHER, STOLLWERCK PETER, Korell. Preoperative HADS-Scores and Quality of Life One Year after Surgery for Breast Cancer. Global Journal of Medical Research, [S.l.], june 2017. ISSN 2249-4618. Available at: <https://medicalresearchjournal.org/index.php/GJMR/article/view/1339>. Date accessed: 12 june 2021.

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