Trigonella foenum-graecum L. (fenugreek) is widely used for its medicinal properties all over the world and it is a very important spice in Indian culture. The genus name Trigonella means ‘tri-angled’, maybe because of triangular shape of its flowers, whereas the species name foenum-graecum means ‘Greek hay’. It is an annual crop and dicotyledonous plant belonging to the subfamily Papilionaceae, family Fabaceae. It is used as a functional food, traditional food and as a nutraceutical, as well as its physiological utilization such as antibacterial, anticancer, antiulcer, anthelmintic, hypocholesterolemic, hypoglycemic, antioxidant and anti-diabetic agent. The main objective of the study was to extract phytoconstituents from fenugreek seeds. The present study will be helpful in determining the quality and purity of a crude drug and laying down pharmacopoeial standards for Trigonella foenum-graecum. Fenugreek seed was extracted with water using hot continuous percolation method and the aqueous extract was used for determining the laxative activity.

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R. CHANDRASEKAR, G.G.P. MADHURI, T. BHAVYA, K. KEERTHI, S. AISHWARYA, Y. SAIPAVAN, M NIRANJAN BABU, Dr.. Laxative Activity of Trigonella Foenum-Graecum Fenugreek Seeds on Loperamide Induced Constipation in Rats. Global Journal of Medical Research, [S.l.], apr. 2019. ISSN 2249-4618. Available at: <https://medicalresearchjournal.org/index.php/GJMR/article/view/1747>. Date accessed: 05 june 2020.

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