Pharmaceutical Drugs and the Human Energy System (Biofield)


  • Seema Bhattessa


biofield; biofield science; biofield research; drugs; pharmaceutical drugs


What is Human Life-Force Energy and What Type of Proof Do We Have?: The concept of subtle human energy fields, or life-force energy, has been recognised and woven into traditional healing systems for millennia. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) describes an intricate network of energy meridians through which this energy, known as #x201C;chi#x201D; circulates. And, in the traditional Indian system of Ayurveda, the human energy field takes the form of energy vortexes called #x201C;chakras#x201D;, through which energy, known as #x201C;prana#x201D; travels. Accumulating evidence for the existence of these an d other subtle, spatially-oriented and biologically-generated, human energy fields has been demonstrated through objective testing methods. As a result, in 1992, the term #x201C;biofield#x201D; emerged to describe this energy. Biofield Energy is defined as #x201C;a massless field, not necessarily electromagnetic, that surrounds and permeates living bodies and affects the body.#x201D;[1]

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Pharmaceutical Drugs and the Human Energy System (Biofield)