Thoracic Ganglioneuroma : A Case Report


  • Dr. Varun Gowda

  • Dr. Sadanand Patwari

  • Dr. Manoj Hambarde

  • Dr. Anant Beedkar



Objective: Thoracic ganglioneuromas are a rare entity but can be aggressive, compressing, or invading nearby mediastinal structures. Hence surgical intervention is necessary when diagnosed. Introduction: Ganglioneuromas are benign neurogenic tumors that arise from sympathetic ganglions and are most commonly found in teenagers and young adults. They are usually asymptomatic and sometimes diagnosed by chance. The procedure of choice is Surgical removal. We had a forty-year-old lady who present with cough and expectoration for the last three months. Left anterolateral thoracotomy was performed with access through the fifth intercostal space. Intraoperatively there was evidence of a mass densely adherent to left subclavian vessels, hence had to be compromised. The left subclavian vein was ligated. Left subclavian artery approximated with Autologous Interposition Saphenous Vein Graft. Histologic examination findings are consistent with Ganglioneuroma.

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Dr. Varun Gowda, Dr. Sadanand Patwari, Dr. Manoj Hambarde, & Dr. Anant Beedkar. (2022). Thoracic Ganglioneuroma : A Case Report. Global Journal of Medical Research, 22(I1), 17–21. Retrieved from

Thoracic Ganglioneuroma : A Case Report